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How to Decorate Bedroom Feel More Spacious

December 1, 2016 • admin

The bedroom is the most intimate space of our house; it is crucial to make it comfortable and at the same time customize it with carefully chosen furnishings. This tutorial is intended to give you some very useful tips on how to decorate this part of our house. If we have a little spacious room you need to make the right design choices, as well as careful planning.

The rooms recently spacious bed must acquire brightness; This is possible only if we use the right strategies and create the depth effect. The first thing to do is clean up the room by removing all that is superfluous; then we have to paint the walls in light colors such as pastel shades. A clear staining should also be used for the floor and the furniture to accentuate the effect. The windows must leave them free, so we favor the entry of natural light. The curtains should be placed high up toward the ceiling, to make it appear higher walls. The subtle elements and high give the room a bigger momentum that are very suitable for the tightest spaces.

It should well calculate the space so that it can carry out all activities in the room. The bed should have open sides to give us the chance to get off the furniture with doors must open easily and television to be put in a place where you can watch without difficulty. The bedside tables can be replaced with shelves for supporting the objects, and in place of the lamps we can use the ceiling lights. The wardrobe can be placed in another place, for example in the corridor.

It is important to buy enough compact mobile that can have more than one function. For example we can buy a cabinet to be used both as a container for both the clothes as a shelf to support other objects. We can use the containers to be put under the bed or choose a bed model that gives us the opportunity to raise their mattresses to place blankets and pillows below. Another element that can make the most spacious room is the mirror on the ceiling or walls. It gives the illusion of greater depth of space, but also increases the ambient brightness. In addition, one must eliminate all unnecessary decorations and use only a few aesthetic elements compared to the environment.

How to Cover Interior Walls with Bricks

December 1, 2016 • admin

The brick walls were build in the old rustic buildings and they were left in their raw state to avoid incurring additional costs for plastering. Today, however, the brick interior walls have become a real trend, so much so that some, both to save, both for practical reasons, choose to use the wallpaper or draw the bricks with the paint. Cover entire walls with bricks might seem like a no easy task, but if you use certain products, such as Brick Tiling, you can make it easier both the application and the treatment for cleaning. Let us see how to coat the interior walls with bricks.

If we have to put on the wall only for aesthetic reasons and not for the safety, simply raising a brick wall and place it to the wall with the same adhesives that bind them together. If, however, we have little space and the arcitura is needed primarily for static reinforcement of the wall, the fixing method is different and requires a lengthy and articulated process.

In this case, with a chisel must dig in the entire wall to a depth of at least 5 cm. This depth is the minimum, taking into account that if the laying takes place horizontally, the available depth of the bricks will be 10 cm. Respecting such an extent, you get a very good result. If instead we want to join the bricks on the wall, then the plaster must be chiseled to the same depth as that of a brick, or for all 10 cm. Once raised the brick wall and fixed to each other, we have to decide whether to leave them exposed giving him cleaned up with soap and water or rub with flatting or redoing the plaster.

If we opt for the latter solution, the bricks are first wet with a sponge, then sprinkled with a primer to catch the concrete and finally sanded and painted like a regular brick wall. If we decide to cover the walls with bricks only for decorative purposes, in the market there are specific models that require a centimeter in depth, and the laying is done as with in the normal tiles. In this case it is not necessary to chisel the wall, because there is the danger of collapse and poses that must always occur alternately. Also, it is very safe with the concatenated bricks between them and attached to the wall.

Ideas for Bathroom Design

December 1, 2016 • admin

When we have to restructure the bathroom we always try innovative solutions to try to renew the design. Talk to an architect certainly has its advantages but clearly also has a cost: at this point it is better to try to develop their own ideas. Develop a design idea for the bathroom is not a complex thing, just have a bit of whimsy.

First, you think about the colors of the walls, the floor coverings up to their finish. So try to think of the tile colors that match the color of the walls: you can vary the tones but not diverge from the rest of the house. Try to find colors that are still soft, that also combine with the choice of the color of the health. In the lining of the walls you can pick some decoration: if you do not want to spend much do not buy decorations that clearly cost more but try to create a decorative form (eg a cascading effect) using the same line tiles but in different colors.

Traveled to the great centers of furniture and choose modern objects and particular, as irregularly shaped baskets and bath set by shocking colors like electric blue, indigo and cyclamen, according to the color of the furniture and walls. Some design sets are available in innovative materials, including plexiglass, metal and synthetic fibers. If you want to create a contrasting effect, opt for home accessories made from natural materials such as bamboo, wicker or other order made completely white ceramic or marble, bearing in mind, however, that they are quite expensive.

Add your own personal touch to the bathroom to make it more welcoming. If it is equipped with shelves and shelves, you can settle in a particular vessel and colorful with dried or silk flowers, or small figurines in series, for a nice game of contrasting styles. If you have enough space on the sink countertop, add the scented candles, the essence diffuser and potpourri of varied shape. Then the walls hang paintings, which represent abstract themes, and will preferably be made of strong colors and decided. The perfect frame is gold, linear and simple form. Avoid curtains and blinds, because in a design room tend to weigh down the final effect, and instead opt for skirts adjustable to ensure a just brightness.

How to Keep Tidy Garden Tools

December 1, 2016 • admin

Garden tools are the accessories needed to cure the plants and the garden of our house throughout the year. Here are some practical tips on how to keep order in these tools so you can easily find them when we need them and to keep them intact and efficient.

The garden is a space of our house that requires a special effort, especially during the spring and summer, in order to keep the plants and grow them healthy. Garden tools are needed to do different jobs in the flower beds and in the garden, from the care of flowers and shrubs to the simple cleaning of the lawn. Keep in order these tools is essential, first of all to be able to easily find it when we need them. Some of these objects are particularly dangerous because they have knives and sharp points. Therefore essential to store them in a safe place where children, but also for pets, are not allowed. You should store all the objects for the garden in a separate room, as a special shed for tools, or by allocating a specific corner of the garage or cellar for this purpose.

To best preserve the gardening tools we will have to first clean them and dry them after each use to prevent the formation of rust. They must be stored in a place away from moisture and extreme heat. Hanging objects is preferable to accumulate them into one pile. The ideal solution is to hang a wall grid with hooks, finding the right space for each object. Alternatively we can fix the nail directly on the wall or on a large offset to be placed on the wall. Even the wooden boards attached to the wall can be the perfect support on which to place nails and hooks to hang the equipment.

When you can not hang your gear you divide them according to their size and find the shelves or furniture adapted to their size. We can use an old belief, the drawer or the resistant and essential shelves suitable for the purpose. Brooms, shovels, rakes and long items can go into a locker tall and narrow. While shorter tools can come into wide drawers, maybe fitted with special dividers to organize at best. We use glass jars and steel cans to store parts for dividing types. We can also apply a label on the outside to make clear the content. Fertilizers, seeds and chemicals should be stored in sealed containers and safely out of the reach of children and with a clear label that indicates the type of substance.

How to Create an Original Decor Tree

November 30, 2016 • admin

A house decorated with natural elements has a unique charm. Often, however, plants and flowers from internal require too much attention and constant care, also keep a small garden can be very expensive especially if you work or study and therefore has little time to make available to our plants. The best solution is to create an original decor tree: see how.

Make sure you have on hand:

  • Dried root or a broken branch
  • Knife
  • Spray gloss acrylic
  • Jar
  • Earth, clay or cement mortar
  • Dried fruit.

You can achieve it by using one of those branches or those particular roots that are walking through the woods or even on the beach, taken from the sea. Once you have found the root suits, pick it up and take it home. Do not go overboard with the measurements, you will get a great effect even with small woods. Clean it with a wet rag and dates the form that you prefer using a knife and cutting off the excess branches. To obtain a more plastic and defined effect should be a neutral spray to the wood to be sprayed on the whole surface of the root. If you prefer a more vibrant effect you can color it or decorate it with spray cans with decoupage technique.

Get a vessel of modest size that is able to contain the root and that is in harmony with its shape and with the rest. The root, of course, does not need water but it is important to give a minimal dress or extravagant to our small work. Select then following your style. You can opt for a tin pot or metal that gives it a more unsophisticated and mundane, or pick one ceramic or terracotta, certainly more refined and elegant.

Now it is necessary to stabilize the trunk inside the jar. The material is irrelevant, the important thing is to fix everything. Use the earth will give a more natural look to the finished result, clay or papier mache tree, however, they will give a less natural and more plastic, but will result in all the decorations that we prefer. A very effective material, which ensures an excellent end result even though hard to find is the cement mortar.

When the base has dried and will be ready it will be decorated: you can paint with tempera or simply lean of dried fruit or colorful pebbles: lemons or nuts such as walnuts and almonds are great. Something you will remember the nature is fundamental so that the final product is appreciable. So try different types of fruits or other decorations until you find the one that best expresses your personality and that is most suited to your furniture tree.

How to Cover Kitchen Tiles with Wallpaper

November 25, 2016 • admin

A kitchen may have consumed tiles, dirty, ruined. Often to deal with this problem immediately think how to change them, or replace them altogether. Of course this can give rise to a much bigger problem, namely the economic one. Replace the wall of part of the kitchen, or even worse of all, it entails a thick coarse. Then we must refer to a more economical solution, as cover kitchen tiles with wallpaper. Realize it is also much easier.

Remove the tiles and redo the plaster is too classic, you often want something more from some corners of the kitchen. It therefore presents a recurring dilemma. The wallpaper is indeed well-regarded for its price and the apparent ease of installation. In any case, it is not so easy to lay, and there is always the fear that does not give the exciting aesthetic results.

A practical and intelligent solution comes from the evolution of the wallpaper. They are basically quite similar to the tile adhesive wallpaper, plastic, flame-retardant material. Their texture is very dense, usually with mosaic design but available in various graphic designs. The easily found at home improvement stores. It is a product recently launched by some specialized houses, so commonly available.

Appear substantially as the sheets. Thanks to the type of the rather schematic drawing and adjust, can be cut to size to achieve the squares. This makes it very easy to apply and fix the wallpaper. Be careful to take the right measures of the wall where you want to place them. Consider also the possibility to turn around easily to switches or power outlets, which usually do not require a displacement.

The best effect will be obtained by choosing (and cutting) the design, so that in the end you do not see the seams. You can employ the same technique also in the inner lining of the shower, to give more color to a simple bath from transparent glass. Also interesting is the game that you can get by changing the draft. you must not lay the squares next to each other. Just imagine the checkerboard effects different from the usual, imaginative and suitable decorations. The adhesive tiles in this case can be of all different color for a seventies effect, or to adjust the composition. Depending on the space available and the size of the wall, you will also have spaced.

How to Choose an Ideal Hanger

November 20, 2016 • admin

The hanger is indispensable object in our house, it will serve to hang jackets and coats at the entrance, but we could also place it in different rooms depending on our needs. Here are some tips on choosing a design hanger, practical but also aesthetically suited to the style of our house.

The coat hanger is an essential element in our house, especially at the entrance of the house where we and our guests have the need to support the coats. A design model will make interesting furnishing this environment, an object that will enrich this space without filling it excessively and with an indispensable function. A hanger can be useful in different areas of the home, such as the bathroom where we support towels and bathrobes in closet where we have the need to support the clothes for the test, or the studio where we work and where we welcome our customers.

When we choose a coat we must first choose the model that best suits our needs and the space in which it will be placed, taking into account the number of animals that will bring on average. Those in the column or freestanding develop vertically, are composed of a solid central structure to which are applied the arms on which the clothes are to be hung. In addition to classic models in metal or wood, natural or painted, are the ones from the lines and contemporary colors, with creative forms that resemble trees or with minimal elements, synthetic and lightweight materials such as plastic.

In tight spaces the wall hanger are preferable, we can hang a single structure with multiple hooks or opt for the modular elements to be placed on the wall creatively. The hooks may have the classic mushroom shape, or we can choose them with special and original lines. A creative way to use this type of coat is to create a decorative wall with stencils, such as a tree, and apply the hooks with the same color on the ends of branches, for a fun and contemporary effect.

An alternative to the classic hangers are the ones to stand, where the clothes hanging can expect thanks to crutches. We choose a steel resistant model that can support the weight of coats, we try also to include the decorative and original hangers to make it interesting. If we are to protect from dust the garments we use a coat hanger on the wall to place inside a wardrobe with doors and capacious: we can also use it to store different dresses and items.